Chinese enterprises three sins plagiarism price war over marketing
on March 6, 2017

[Abstract] plagiarism, low price, bragging, these three crimes reflect the Chinese enterprises’ desire for rapid success.


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actually, pulling the Chinese economy growth of the three carriages is like this:

a copy of

a mobile phone company, called China’s manufacturing star company, founded only four years has become one of the world’s top six smartphone. The company does not take the unusual way, his product planning has been called external plagiarism "synthesizer", dry line copy line.

but with the company’s global expansion, the weakness of its patents is beginning to emerge, and litigation abroad, and its global expansion is forced to slow down. Market research company CounterpointResearch equipment research department director Neal · Shah (NeilShah) said: "other countries patent company will now in the India market as an example, in other markets at this company." The company’s rapid growth in China will be difficult to replicate to overseas markets.

and, according to the survey of Stanford University intellectual property law professor MarkLemley of the United States over the past few years, the intelligent mobile phone patent litigation costs more than $1 billion, note that this is only legal costs, does not include the drag compensation after the defeat v.. If you lose the protection of China’s patent environment is weak, Google (micro-blog), apple and other patent litigation can sue the company.

can not deny the fact that this model does make the Chinese manufacturing on a fast track, the company plans to sell 100 million mobile phones in 2015. It is not only the pursuit of the people, there is a big wave of manufacturing, FMCG companies, Internet companies.

and China enterprise sought after is the so-called "model" of the company, rather than the pursuit is a kind of "copy money" rather than chasing people China Mania! Assessment is a kind of Internet thinking, or that is a "pursuit of quick success" of the Chinese people for the enterprise mode! The consciousness still in making a left stage.


mobile phone company has developed rapidly, is to "China manufacturing" of the altar, to the world. Because it is a good occasion, good integration of supply chain and sales channels, understand the "user experience first" principle, it is worth learning in traditional enterprises.

however, if the enterprise wants to achieve sustainable development, there must also be a core task: that is the use of the Internet public perception of consumer demand, the interpretation of consumer demand, and through their own language (industrial products) expression (production), this is a future corporate compliance and >

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