Let you 5 single page power multiplication method to create wealth
on March 7, 2017

1, international domain name

some of the wealth of a single page with a domain name is the blog bus or YO2, so I think the domain name is not too ideal. Although the content is king, but more knowledgeable customers will think: your single page are free platform, are not willing to invest in the purchase of an international domain name. Others will be somewhat skeptical about the credibility of the product.

2, excellent sales copy

a good copy of the sales can make the target customers in a short period of time to resist resistance, a strong desire to buy. But I think the sales copy can not be too long, otherwise people will lose interest in reading.

3, just fine design

some of the single page design is not fine, some even a single page wealth with no, all is white, I think that if a single page beautifully designed shock effect will be better. I used to be the "content is king" in the mouth, that: there is a good content, good products, but also fear that others do not visit, do not buy?. But also often take the success of the H123 site as an example. In fact, the most important thing is the success of hao123 three: A. he set up very early, when there is not much domestic site navigation. B. his domain name is very good. C, Internet cafes in the "viral marketing")

finally my rival business volume surge, and my business is difficult, I understand after the discovery of his goods each image design is very beautiful, I also follow his method after the business volume also gradually rise. Once a buyer found me, said to me: I see my father often open your web page to see, so today I helped him buy a set. My website is a kind of material, because my web page design is more beautiful, resulting in his father often open a look, his son saw his father so like to help his father to buy. See, even if it is not attractive to attract the target customers to buy at the time, it will be like a strong magnet, and constantly attract interested parties to stop, or even repeated browsing.

he repeated browsing just want to repeat watching your sales copy? There is a reason for this one, but I think he’d like to repeat the packaging design of your watch is just perfect, because this is the most direct visual impact! People rely on clothes horse saddle, a single page also need a nice coat. Of course, with not too much, or have the order reversed, counterproductive superfluous.

so I think: excellent sales copy with exquisite design should also be just perfect, so as to greatly improve the credibility and wealth of single page volume. On the other hand, the target customers will think: even a single page so rough that his product can do? However, the reality of the problem is that good web designers will only give you a beautiful web design, Internet marketing basically do not understand, you have to instill in him a lot of theories: what is the wealth of fish ponds what is the potential to catch, catch, pin, leveraging, free gifts, FAQ, > Third

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