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on March 7, 2017


technology news July 29th morning news, the U.S. e-commerce authoritative magazine "Internet retailer" (Internet Retailer) recently with "how a Chinese electronics retailer e-commerce website of China factory" (How a Chinese e-retailer influences Chinese factories) the title, reports the cross-border e-commerce company in Lanting Pavilion potential (LightInTheBox).

compiled as follows:

Guo Quji often tells his staff not to think of as a local company, but as a global company that originated in China ( This e-commerce company’s goal is to seize the network development trend of rapid change, the huge production base Chinese, low price hot commodity production, and to a worldwide online shopping population through Internet sales.


collection at the Lanting Pavilion potential chairman and CEO Guo Quji view, Chinese at low cost for mass production of the era of the past, on the contrary, Beijing’s retailers are usually small-scale orders to the factory, in response to consumer preferences may change at any time.

"we have a small order from a lot of Chinese factories, so we can provide consumers with a wide variety of goods, and in many cases to provide customized services." Guo Quji said. He founded the Lanting Pavilion in 2007, before this, he served as Google and Amazon’s top.

Lanting Pavilion collection has independent research and development technology, designed to find other people are not aware of the shopping trends. "We have developed a web crawler to grab a large number of sites, and to find out the signals in the social media, to determine what kind of product will be attractive to people in a specific time and specific areas." Guo Quji said.

technology to help the Lanting Pavilion collection of five years ago, people noticed that the demand for LED taps increased. This faucet will change with the change of water temperature, the faucet became a popular commodity." Guo Quji said. Although other electricity suppliers are also selling these LED taps, but today, the Lanting Pavilion is still in the list of natural resources and pay attention to the top results in the list of Google.

The changes of

in response to the demand, Guo Quji had to convince China factory, let them order less products according to customer demand for the production of some style update.

"when we ordered taps from manufacturers, they kept telling us, MOQ is 5000 or 10000 items." Guo Quji recalls, "I asked them why, they said that the mold is very expensive. Why are molds so expensive, they say, because they need to be able to make at least 10000 pieces of mold. "Guo Quji said that he had persuaded the factory to produce molds that could only produce 100 products. These molds are cheaper, he also

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