With micro business line store he can accomplish Jingdong can not do
on March 7, 2017

known as the king of venture capital, John Doerr has proposed a SOLOMO concept: that Social (SOCIAL), Local (local), Mobile (mobile) three attributes of the integration of business models. LIFE founder Xiao Xin, who has more than and 10 years of experience in cross-border investment banking business entrepreneurs, the potential of the SOLOMO model convinced.

he believes that under the promotion of the mobile Internet, the use of social and small shops such small channels to serve the consumer needs of the individual will be the mainstream of future retail. At that time, the enterprise supply chain these scattered channels will require a highly integrated, efficient, and fresh smell of this business is LIFE……

fresh LIFE founder Xiao Xin

he wants to use this counter attack Jingdong and Taobao


"as a business enterprise, the most important task is to know your customers needs and pain points, and then in the limited selection in choosing appropriate goods and services to them." Xiao Xin said so.

in his eyes, the electricity supplier in the final analysis is also a kind of retail, and the core of the retail is to use the most efficient way to match the needs of consumers.

but now, matching the needs of consumers is not an easy task. Tmall international general manager Liu Peng told billion state power network Chinese pointed out that consumers are increasingly popular, many people in the future may form a small group to eat, use and wear will. How to provide personalized recommendations for personalized needs, which is all electricity providers are considering things.

and Xiao Xin believes that the small channel as a consumer scene retail model is better than a unified platform to take care of the individual needs of consumers.

refers to the so-called small channels, compared with a series of small shop channels Jingdong and Taobao this kind of large business platform and large department stores, large supermarkets.

This is online

store, trading scene between people and people, or between a group of fans gathered in content and community, such as micro shop and circle of friends; can also be offline, consumption in the region as the boundary between the scene in the community, such as convenience stores." Xiao Xin said.

why these channels can take into account the individual needs of consumers


Xiao Xin pointed out that these channels are consumers according to their own interests, hobbies, geographic, range of activities to choose the spontaneous. Obviously, these channels to consumer segmentation, but also understand the consumer, inevitably can provide more personalized retail solution. In addition, the above are frequented by consumers or often connected to the scene in life, so it is easier to pour goods from these scenarios to consumers, so that goods and consumers to connect.

Xiao Xin think this is all Jingdong and Taobao such a big platform is difficult

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