Ali CEO Zhang Yong 11 double checking transactions is just a symbol
on March 7, 2017

NetEase Francisco November 15th news yesterday, Tmall group held 11 Alibaba double checking, CEO Zhang Yong speech, when the 11 single day trading volume to over 100 billion, number is just a symbol, to double 11 as "a good opportunity to repair the roof in the sunny days, and precipitation station summary experience in the business and the user’s point of view, the use of the double 11 platform hatch and improved more innovative ideas and business.

11 after what to do? Zhang Yong also put forward new goals to employees. He said, is not only the starting point of new retail double 11, Ali is also the future of new starting point ", the" new "development strategy into strategic action, implement the action table, is a period of time in the future must be to do.

"new retail, to explore the product effect one of the global marketing and entertainment marketing; new technology, thinking about how to achieve the perfect unity of artificial intelligence, AR, VR such as the future of technology and commerce; new finance, its major responsibility falls on the ant gold clothes; new energy, to do all the business data of all. Business data, which is based on the big data looking for new business opportunities; new manufacturing, Taobao wants to use this opportunity to realize the real evolution, C2B."

finally, Zhang Yong also talked about the issue of competition. "Today in a competitive market is our lucky, because there is competition, we will be forced to continue to think, what innovation should be done. We want to jump out of the technology in the game, really stand on the market point of view, using the inventive, Ali group’s advantage, the use of ecological resources, to find the competition."

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