SMO marketing wave SMO to the site can bring
on March 7, 2017


voice I attended a "SMO marketing wave" share, because SMO is a new thing, a lot of friends including me is a smattering of SMO. It’s just because I’ve got a lot of SMO tools on my blog, so I’m going to share with you some of the tools I use.

what do I think social media is

so, what is the first to talk about social media, I think what is social media, for ordinary people, social media is Sina micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent QQ space, everyone, these websites and so on douban.


SMO to the site can bring the most direct demand for two

first, a traffic flow, something good monitoring, can judge the effect, but the general webmaster do SMO can only bring very little traffic, so far, SMO brings the flow effect is far better than the effect of SEO. For example, some time ago Baidu closed the "micro-blog search" function, at that time in the micro-blog on some popular information, if a link from Baidu brings huge traffic, but for reasons known to all, this function will open for a period of time off. But I think that the search engine’s real-time search is a trend in the future.

second, I think this is the most important function of SMO is communication, if not the top marketing activities, will not spread so widely, for small and medium-sized station often for each article or product is forwarded more than ten times more,

many people pay too much attention from the "social media" traffic, but did not pay attention to communication, I think SMO’s intention is to should pay attention to "spread" effect, which is the user’s sharing, forwarding and reprint.

on the one hand, although it may not have an immediate effect on the site, can not bring a lot of traffic, if it is reproduced, it may also be detrimental to SEO optimization, but may also be minimal. I buy a share in a while I will give an example, explain the function of communication.

The advantages and disadvantages of



1: easy to share with other users (Communication),

2: the convenience of their own share (spread), the majority of users love Chinese kantie not return card, the general articles are look to leave, even if one click agrees and opposition, he did not bother to go, not to mention him to submit share. Most people don’t know the principle of "social sharing", they don’t know what the number is.

so the majority of sites installed sharing tools, installed only a display, so easy to promote their own is one of the needs.


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