Jia Xiaohui through the analysis of the mail mall website email marketing
on March 7, 2017

in the whole network marketing system in email marketing can not say that it is important, but its simplicity and cheapness is among the best in the group marketing, email marketing is a very popular marketing popular in foreign countries, with the development of China network, email marketing has gradually been attention, whether it is website promotion or mail there are many worthy of our webmaster to learn from experience, let me through some mail received to analyze website email marketing.

for the mall class website, email marketing is very powerful, which belongs to the permission email marketing, because the membership is through the registration agreement, or the electronic magazine subscription and take the initiative to leave the customer’s name and email, these members are all potential customers to purchase, for these members, we should carefully, and keep persistent, and these require your program to set up, from time to time to mail advertising, the following I received Eslite and wheat bags mail as an example, to analyze their mail advertising.


, from the mailing list of wheat bags and VANCL mail (pictured above):

same point:

1 mailbox names, very concise and highlight their own brand of "wheat bags" and "VANCL"".

2, the message is also marked the title (AD) that is advertising messages.

3, the title of the figures have been modified.


1, from the mail at Eslite is frequency intervals of one day, and the wheat bags three days.

2, from advertising signs (AD) on wheat bags on the front and on the back is vancl.


by comparing their similarities and differences, we can easily grasp some of the mall e-mail sending skills:

1, the mailbox name is a symbol of the brand must be accurate.


2, from advertising signs (AD) added at the customer’s perspective and have integrity, how not to add, when entering a see feel cheated, will also have resentment, but also have certain skills, I am in favor of VANCL practices put it in the back. After all, when you see a (AD) there will be a little bit of resentment, sometimes may not read, choose to give up, and put in the title not only ensure the readability of the title and retained the integrity.

3, for the frequency of advertising depends on the activities of your site, this is the most appropriate, remember not to send a number of repeated advertising, this is the most objectionable customers.

4, and finally whether the recipient can go to see your message content, the title is essential, not only to be honest and have enough lure

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