New Islamic Studies Centre

May 3, 2021


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first_imgThe Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies’ new building is set to open in 2013 after a nine-year delay. The opening will see the Centre move from its current location on George Street to a 3.25 acre site next to Magdalen College.The building on the new Marston Road site was expected to open in 2004 after work began in 2002 but had to stop due to issues of funding.Registrar Richard Makepeace said, “As is often the case, deadlines have been stretched. We were expecting to be ready to open by the end of this year but we are hoping to have the opening in 2013. There will be work going on throughout the year, which is basically the fitting out of the interior.”The centre was initially thought to cost £60 million. A figure for the final spend is not yet available, but it is thought that it will certainly exceed the initial budgetary estimate.The Centre is a Recognised Independent Centre of the University of Oxford, set up in 1985. It is not a part of the University, but works with the University in research and teaching. Other Recognised Independent Centres of the University include the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, and the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.The OCIS website describes the new building as blending “the architectural features of the traditional Oxford colleges with the forms and styles of the classical period of Islam. The result is a unique symbol of the harmony between two ancient traditions of scholarship brought together for the pursuit of knowledge.” Islamic and Western culture and architecture are brought together within the design, and registrar Richard Makepeace said that “If there is a message in the building it is that we are not as different as we sometimes tend to believe.”The new building will have accommodation for up to 40 graduate students, as well as a mosque, minaret, dining hall and parking.  Another benefit of the move will be the increase in library space. OCIS said that “the move to purpose-built new premises will increase the Library’s size fourfold and enable wider access to a much more extensive collection.”The Centre aims to provide a meeting point for the Western and Islamic worlds of learning, contributing to multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary study of the Islamic world. The OCIS enjoys the support of its patron Prince Charles as well as visits from other international figures including Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan, then Secretary-General of the UN.Mohammad Ali, member of Oxford University Islamic Society, commented, ‘Our general thoughts about the new centre are positive, since we appreciate the existing centre on George Street is somewhat small.’last_img read more

Ronaldinho returns to Brazil after house arrest in Paraguay

September 20, 2020


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first_imgRIO DE JANEIRO: Former Barcelona star Ronaldinho has returned to Brazil after almost six months in custody in neighboring Paraguay for allegedly using a fake passport.Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto Assis were whisked past dozens of journalists and fans at Rio de Janeiro’s Tom Jobim international airport before being taken in a private car to a condominium in the affluent Barra da Tijuca district on Tuesday, reports Xinhua news agency. On Monday, a judge in Asuncion suspended charges against the pair after they struck a plea bargain with prosecutors. The brothers spent more than a month in prison before being relocated to the four-star Palmaroga Hotel after paying $1.6 million in bail. Under the terms of the deal with investigators, Ronaldinho agreed to a $90,000 fine and must report to a federal judge in Brazil every three months for two years. Assis was ordered to pay $110,000 and will not be allowed to leave Brazil over a two-year period. He will also keep a criminal record in Paraguay. Earlier on Tuesday, Ronaldinho’s lawyer Sergio Queiroz raised the prospect of filing a lawsuit against Paraguayan authorities for “injustices” related to the brothers’ detention. Ronaldinho and Assis traveled to the South American country on March 4 to participate in a children’s charity event and promote a new book. They were arrested later that day on accusations of presenting false travel documents to immigration officials. The pair have denied any wrongdoing and said they had no knowledge of carrying adulterated passports. (IANS) Also Watch: Working for 15 Years, Not a Single Penny Paidlast_img read more