Try Some Delicious DeepFried Insects at This Tokyo Ramen Joint

September 20, 2019


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first_imgStay on target Thieves Stole $100,000 Worth of Ramen From a Parked Semi-TrailerI Ate Robot Ramen and Drank Robot Coffee in San Francisco There’s always a new, crazy food trend in Tokyo. Ramen’s a staple Tokyo street food and there are still interesting new versions of it out there for foodies to try. It’s a lot more than just yummy noodles, meat, and delicious broth. Sometimes there are insects in there, too. On purpose!At least, that’s the case with the Ramen Nagi restaurant in Tokyo, where a new dish is bugging some people out. That’s because it’s a bowl of ramen with deep-fried worms and crickets. You read that right. The restaurant sold about 100 bowls of the icky-sounding concoction, its “insect tsukemen” noodle bowls, that it had created for Sunday’s event.The noodle bowls come with small crickets and mealworms, and special dipping soups made from grasshoppers, crickets, and silkworm powder. It may sound disgusting, but it’s a special treat for those eating at the restaurant. The event itself was organized by 22-year-old Yuta Shinohara, who has been setting up similar events around the city lately after beginning a lifelong love affair with eating bugs as a small child.The course of noodle bowls costs 3,000 yen ($38) and comes with insect ramen, rice with crickets, spring rolls with fried worms, and ice cream made with insect powder. If you just choose the ramen, it’s about 1,500 yen (about $15.) That’s a fair price to go chow down on some bugs. But if you’re scared, don’t worry. Everyone who’s gone to chew on the little insect pieces was probably nervous about how the things would taste at first too.This isn’t the first time a special event has taken off with insects and food. Not long ago, there was a special Valentine’s Day treat with insects for lovers in Japan, which we previously reported on. It seems to be a trend that appears to be taking off, so don’t be surprised if we see it in the west sometime soon!last_img read more